opening of Hurt locker

The opening of hurt locker begins with a title ‘The rus of battle is oftern a potent and lethal addiction, war is a drug’.  This is a power statement from a journalist who has written war books, he is and activist against war. He is able to identify the problem with war going on for so long. This immediately makes the film is going to be against war, showing a negative point of view suggesting no happy ending. There  is then a close up of a crushed pepsi can, this reflects the commercialised nature of america, symbolises how america have taken over them. The fact the can is crushed it shows the competition, links to the boy selling the western  DVDs. The war is still going on but money and commerical things are still a problem, a political critism. The next shot is  a long shot of dead pigs hanging featuring soliders. The is shot foreshadows what is about to happen. The butcher is acting innocently as a civilian, where as as he knows that he has a phone to detonate the bomb. The sound the veiwer hears is a heart beat and it gets faster as you can hear the civillians screaming. There is a close up shot of a camera screen of a bomb disposal unit ,this shows technological awareness, it also flecting how this film is modern made in mordern day. This fulls into authenticity, showing what the US militarily use in the iraq war. Fuzzy and unclear image on the screen adds to the difficulty of what they are doing.  The way they describe the difficulty through their use of dialogue of their job, it comes across as weird and rude remarks, this suggest that the chracters are quite comfotable at this point in the film no danger coming too soon.

In a over the shoulder shot we see through Thompsons lighthearted descripson of the bomb that he is making, this again shows their relaxed nature, this could create frustration for the audience as they want them to take it serioulsy, however this relaxed nature could on the other hand make some viewers feel trust toawrds them because they seem to know what they are doing. There is a low angle shot of a heard of  goats who  run past, they remind the audience where the film is set, in a domestic poor area in Irac., live stock runs around freely in the streets. It reflects the cultural differences goats are allowed to walk about, adds to the comedic element from the soldiers. The sheeps are a metaphor for The locals  showing they are treated worse by being pushed around. It relfcts the contrasts between the undevelped country, compared to the tech coverd soldiers. There is a long shot of the men in the middle of doing the bomb disposal mentions that hes “craving a burger”. This has sterotypical American connotations, and also foreshadows his death, as burgers are the most common last meal request. It is also protraying a very hyper-masuline type of man, talking about burgers and saying ‘dick’ jokes. There is a low angle shot showing a bomb cart being broken, showing the lack of military reseourses/ funding and how the US army have let them down. There are helicopters and expensive machinery, yet the one simple thing they need int working. It creates a frustrated emotional response for the audience. There is then a low angle point of shot of a US helicopter, its as though they are looking over them, watching out for them. This shot again adds to the authenticty of a real US aircraft. This also could be a reflection of heaven reflecting his death. There is a two-shot mid shot, it shows the contrast between the US army and the locals. They both take up the same amount of the screen, but eh man is reaching out with his hand whereas the soldier is using his gun, this is a powerful and violent image . This shot also provides context, by showing the poor conditions that they are living in and how the army is making it worse. There is a close up shot of a soilders face to show the emotion. The two charcters have a light-hearted conersation which momentarily breaks the tension. This adds characters development to the two charcters. There is a close up shot of bombs using handheld camera creating tention and realism, relfecing the need to becarful with the bombs.

There is use of a POV shot of dead pigs, makes the audience feel as though they are there, creates an emotionl response and tension. Non- diegtic music is used bong like, showing they are the oppenents. The enviroment isnt clean reflecting whre he film is set but also relfecst how they are not sure whats going on.  There is a close up of a phone, this shot reflects the power that the character holds, as it destucts the bomb. It confirms what you think is going to happen. The next shot is shot using hand held camera movement makes the shot a bit blurred because of HC bomb making everthing shake to make it as though we are really there, adds to the realism. Its a long shot so this also makes us feel like were watching him from a safer distance. The movement of the camera makes us panic in the distance soliders watching over the bomb disposer but it wasnt enough to stop the butcher, this shot is then repeated time and time again this creates shock for the audience. With the use of slow motion creates a emotional impact on the audience, it was unexpscted as it was a known actor, for him to die so easy, causing shock. The ending of the begging of the scene


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