ending of hurt locker

The ending is sad, it reflects how james has failed, you see the contrast of the pan of children shouting toawrds the car begging for food and then a cut to james in a super market looking at the large amount of food options shown by a long shot veiw of the cereal. Men doing House hold jobs looks un natural to men, theres a close up of the mens face shwoing he is uncofotable in this situation of a everyday life event. There is a relfecing shot of himself in the fridge door, this can be said to be an establishing shot, a self examination, hes unhappy. Evangellena lilly, a star actress dominates the screen showing her female dominats in this area of shopping. The cereal looks big in comparison to him due to the low angle wide angle of an extreme long shot, showing he is uncomfotable and vulnerable.  Cuts to him cleaning out the gutters, dark low key, low contrast lighting is used to reflecting his mood, boring life he doesnt want to have it doesnt excite him. In the kitchen the charcters aren’t shot together becuase she doesnt want to talk about the subject of war, reflects how both of them feel uncomfortable, she feels uncomfotable maybe becuae she knows he does.  The baby and his girlfriend dont have a name, this shows how this film is dominated by male charcters due to it being a war film the focus is on soldiers. “with me i think its only one”  cuts to a helipcoper confirms his one love is war. Long shot of him boot walking, there is then a close up of his face to be relaxed and confident and determind, this is like a typical western heroic this glamories war. followed by a match cut  of his army boots walking straight back into war doing the exact same thing. face, boots, face, pattern reflecting everything in order. Facial expression similing the suit makes him who he is. he has a power fetish, or war, it is filmed in documentary style circle narrative reflecting how war is still going on.


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