In what ways (and why) does ‘The Shrinking Lover’ guide and misguide the viewer?

The scene starts of with  non diegetic  eery music from the film within the film this represents the blurring of the line with the world in the film and Benigno, this guids the viewer to relate the action going on the black and white film with whats happening as he tells the story.  A close up is used of benigno pulling away the hospital gown, this highlights benignos trangressive nature towards alicia this may also highlight a sexual nature towards the scene. This clearly link to a later shot of alfrado in later on in the scene within the black and white film who is also shown through a close up shot undoing his girlfriends gown, this links benigno and alfrado as they both have love for theese women and want to get close with them. The mise on scene in both of theese also link both women as the colour of their gowns are white, the white of their gowns represnts the girls innocents. There are also several match cuts used to present these two woemn as the same such as close up shots of their faces showing one asleep and the other in a coma. These shots guide the viewer into seeing a link between both the women, and Alfrado and Benigno. There is the use of a action reaction shot of benigno looking at Alicia as though hes looking for a response but there is no dialogue, this represents the disconnect between both benigno and Alicia, showing they have no relationship. This misguids the viewer as there connection in this scene between the actions of Benigno and Alfrado, however it is clear in the black and white movie the characters are a couple as they communicate, whereas benigno and Alicia are not, this could  also highlight how Aldrados “rape” is more acceptable as they are a couple, guiding the veiwer into showing how Benigno is different compared to Alfrado as Benignos love is more of a weird obsession.

There is a mid shot of Benigno says “whos a bit over weight, like me” this is benigno associating himself with Alfredo, this shows how benigno thinks he is the same as Alfrado as they both love their women therefore he thinks its acceptable to rape alicia. This shows Almodvas links to media within society and how hes showing how media links to the minds of people.  This shot guides the veiwer into thinking that its almost acceptable that Benigno rapes alicia because he comes across as doing it because he is in love with her and that he could could be mentally persuaded by the black and white film to rape Alicia.   The framing allows the viewer to realize that we are watching the film from Benigno point of view and it forgrounds its media platform, this guids the veiwer into thinking that the black and white film is only Benignos interpretation of the film in his own mind rather than what is actually going on. The high contrast of black and white highlights this positive message of a act of kindness an element of not being selfish it suggests that Benigno looks after her so he feels like he can rape her. There are close up shots of  benigno hands rubbing  Alicias legs this is a confrontational image it represents benigno as being un professional, this guides the veiwer into thinking there is something not okay about the way Benigno treats alicia. There are close ups of Alfrados partner of her showing she is enjoying alfredo entering her body through her vagina , however the match cuts to the close up of alicias face highlights the difference as she is just emotion less. These close ups shots all show alicia in a different postion in each shot, this shows that alicia has moved, this guides the viewer into thinking something has happend, linking to the rape.   Sideways veiw of the lavalamp, this reprsents Benigno raping her and to guide the veiwer into letting them know the rape has happend. Benigno says ” and alfrado stays inside her forever”  this represents the rape as benigno takes this and thinks it’s exceptable to rape Alicia as he wants to be close to her like alfrado. This guides the viewer into the realisation of Alicia being raped. Alfredo’s sacrifices himself as he is technically committing suicide by entering her. This is also similar to Benigo as he is also scaraficing his life to get closer with Alicia, as later on in the film he is put in prison and ends up committing suicide, this guides the viewer into thinking about the foreshadowing of Benigos death. There are several links within this sequence between the character of Norman bates in bates motel and alfrado and benigo. This is clear to the veiwer as the film is black and white, tbe types of houses are the same, all three charters have a close relationship with their mothers and the storyline of all three films is based around the effect on the female characters. This guides the veiwer into thinking there is going to be a bad ending benigo. The presents of this black and white film is used to represent the rape, the actual moment of the rape isn’t shown because graphic imagery is often used to show characters in a bad light,  so if an actual  rape scene was shown, the audience would be guided to think benigo a bad person. However the fact this scene has been used to cover the rape guides the viewer into thinking The rape didn’t really happen even though the black and white film indicate it has happend, therefore the audience actually feel sympathy for the character rather than hatred. This has been done so the viewer can be more understanding towards the rape suggesting Benigo only raped her just because he loves her even though we he has done is not acceptable. Furthermore this black and white film presents rape as humerus from the over exaggerated and funny acting, this again guides both benigo and the veiwer into thinking rape is acceptable. 



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