Jim Carreys comedy screen persona

Themes of character

  • jim carrey plays characters whos  quality of life improves almost instantaneously through the use of posotive thoughts
  • discovers a bizarre truth about the foundations of his life
  • Characters lacking in manners or social awareness

Jim carrey worked with the same director called tom shadyac for the films liar liar, ace ventura and bruce almighty.

same director for me myself&Irene and dumb and dumber -peter farrelly

Liar, Liar. Bruce Almighty, truman show


Liar, Liar (1998)

This was chosen as my focus film because its  Carrey  first fim in his career  where he takes on a serious role  , after spending the first 14 years of his career playing perpetual children. He shows a level of restraint as the “nice guy,” meaning a guy who deftly feigns capriciousness to avoid awkward confrontations, that eluded him in previous roles. The whole movie is really just a platform for Carrey to show off, and it’s pretty glorious stuff. As a technical comedian Carrey has rarely been better, and mingling the funny stuff with the emotional stuff, however shallow as it may be, presents a whole new range of possibilities. He never seems like he’s trying, which is a sign of a comedian at the top of his game.

The Truman Show” (1998) directed by Peter Weir

Carrey had never before worked with a director of Weir’s calibre, loads of people questioned why he was being put into such as serious film, but ended up playing a fantastic role as trueman.

Bruce almighty

i wanted to look at also anouther serious but comedy film but looking at jim carreys performance later on in his career. Carrey earned another fat paycheck to play a man who inherits the powers of Morgan Freeman. One of the highest grossing comedies of all times, “Bruce Almighty” is another underwhelming project bolstered by an endearing lead performance. Carrey’s at the top of his comedic game,


From this video about liar liar i learn about the storyline, a layer has to tell the truth for 24hrs, the film was a succses at box office. jim quotes “it has a much wider audience than things i normaly do” “jim plays a realistic character” plays a character with real emotions eg his chracters relationship with his son.

Online articles

https://www.theguardian.com/film/filmblog/2014/apr/03/my-guilty-pleasure-liar-liar-My guilty pleasure: Liar Liar http://www.mindpowernews.com/JimCarrey.htm

Tom lamont  Thursday 3 April 2014

In this article it explains how liar liar is aimed at the target audience of young people due to jim carreys comedy acting entertaining the younger generation.” Aged 14, I found it flawless. Of course I did. To a generation of young filmgoers, Carrey could do no wrong.”. Jim carreys plays fletcher, “Fletcher’s mental block is used, aggressively, as an excuse for Carrey to smash office equipment, fall over, leap into walls and crush his own head with a toilet seat” this is typical of jim carrey to act dramatically, this is what his humor consists off-slapstick humour. The writer states “I’ve come to see it was a far more interesting film than Carrey’s other early-career knockabouts. It was more honest.” this suggest that jim carreys films with a more honest humour are more interesting to the audience.

https://thedissolve.com/features/exposition/104-how-jim-carreys-belief-system-explains-his-choices/-How Jim Carrey’s belief system explains his choices, in movies and in life.

by Matt Singer

In this article it explains how jim carrey is older than he acts, “he’s 51, and a grandfather—Jackson, son of Carrey’s daughter Jane, was born in February 2010. Yet grown-up roles remain rare for Carrey” jim carreys characters always have childish mannerisms, and no social awareness. “He won two Golden Globes (for The Truman Show and Man On The Moon) but received zero Academy Award nominations. With the exception of The Truman Show, none of his dramas were major financial hits.” this suggest that jim carrey is more suited and liked in comedy dramas rather than just dramas. he is known for comedy therefore people like him in comedy films.

Tom Shadyac is Not Your Typical Hollywood Director By Sarah Fisher

“I Am is not a preachy film that condemns the lifestyles of its viewers so much as it is an exploration of how to regain some of the calm simplicity that modern society has lost through material gain and alienation from one another. The media has focused on the documentary as being a departure for the director, who is best known for his outlandish comedies and for helping to launch the movie career of actor Jim Carrey. But Shadyac sees parallels between the ideas behind his body of work and the healing aspect of I Am, including the surprising reason why he got into comedy in the first place.” “When I first saw Jim, I thought he was doing stuff that was so new it was scary. There was fear when I showed Ace Ventura to an audience because we thought maybe we were ending our careers. There was also fear when we made the choice to play that character so over the top, but we moved through it because we thought there was something really fun there.” tom shadyac has directed ace venture, liar liar, bruce almighty, with jim carrey as the main character, both tom and jim are spirtiual thinkers they also have the same humour that is why they work well together. Tom saw jim carrey as a new way of presenting humour in the film industry.


in 2007, Shadyac suffered a double-whammy of misfortune: The “Bruce Almighty” sequel “Evan Almighty” became one of the most expensive comedies ever made and the biggest comedic box-office bombs of all time. Then he suffered severe head trauma in a bicycle accident. Side effects of the accident included blurred vision and severe migraines that never seemed to go away, and Shadyac thought he was going to die.

http://old.bfi.org.uk/sightandsound/review/1244 – comedy with seriousness ‘bruce almighty’

“Bruce Almighty keeps giving Carrey things to do, and he does most of them tolerably well: pulling faces, bending his body into pretzel shapes, free-associating insult routines and undercutting any potential nastiness with a winning grin. It’s a shame, however, that such an awesome premise should be handled with such timidity: God upbraids Bruce for using the powers He’s temporarily granted him only on magic tricks parting a bowl of tomato soup like the Red Sea but it’s hardly the character’s fault that the film can’t think of any more significant uses for its hero’s omnipotence.” This article explains that this film isnt that funny due to the strong topic of believing in god , there arent many optunities for jim carrey to be overly funny, “The saddest aspect of Bruce Almighty is that, uniquely for a Jim Carrey movie, the biggest laugh is unintentional. Bruce pleads with his boss Jack Keller for promotion to the anchorman spot a slimy rival has his eye on by declaring, “I can be an asshole.” Jack sincerely counters, “No, you can’t.” Though the supposed punchline is Bruce’s faked “Yes, I can” tantrum, the audience is likely to echo the old pantomime response and chant, “Oh, yes you can.”  this explains how some of the comedy is lost through the seriousness of the film.

http://www.fernbyfilms.com/2015/07/28/movie-review-liar-liar/ – screen persona in liar liar Kim Newman

“Carrey offers a more layered performance that belied his ability to actually… you know, act, rather than simply pull silly faces for the camera. Okay, so this film isn’t Oscar-caliber Carrey, and there are moments of manic comedy that will make you bust a gut if the mood takes you, but rather than simply hit level 10 from start to finish, Carrey provides the character of Fletcher with light and shade, a charismatic leading role that not only makes his douchebaggery less douchey, but actually makes us want him to succeed even though he’s a douchebag.” This reveiw explains how in liar liar comdey is a good level of over the top it fits in even though the film has a serious side to it.

https://www.theguardian.com/film/filmblog/2011/dec/16/my-favourite-film-truman-show-My favourite film: The Truman Show by David Thomas

The character the jim carrey plays is a kind, caring. It says “One of Carrey’s strengths has always been his likability, yet it carried the feeling that he might snap at any minute. What makes Carrey frustrated but so intriguing now is the trouble he has had fighting optimism and its opposite. He may be the most unstable actor we have.”

https://www.moviefone.com/2010/12/01/their-best-role-jim-carrey-in-the-truman-show/- Their Best Role: Jim Carrey in ‘The Truman Show’

It wasn’t until 1997 and ‘The Truman Show’ that Carrey embraced a “serious” role, and his decision to do so inevitably raised a bunch of questions. Questions like: “Can the great director Peter Weir manage to keep the funnyman in check?” “Is a film about reality television too timely to be

http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/18034/looking-back-at-the-truman-show- Looking back at The Truman Show seb patrick

The conceit of the film hinges on Truman having the most recognisable face in the world – and at that time, riding a wave of comedy megastardom that even the poor performance of The Cable Guy couldn’t halt, Carrey was pretty much exactly that.


Celebrity Biographies – The Amazing Life Of Jim Carrey – Famous Stars

i learn that jim carrey’s talent was blossomed at very early age though it took many years for mainstream audience to reconize his talent’s worth. Jim carrey has exceeded audiences expectations of serious acting roles and has made jim carrey “the most look forward for highly challenging roles, and the perforaming artist’s energetic voice has been utilized as part of various portrayals and voice overs” “it is a demonstration of jim carreys capacity to make everlasting characters that it feels as though jim carrey has been in motion picture business for an imaginvive perpetunjty” in other words i learn from this book that jim carreys characters will live on forever everyone will rememebr them.

The trueman show directed by peter weir


this book talks about scenes within the film, first it talks about how in a scene where jim carreys says “beautiful day isnt it? Always, Always” “jim carrets appearance and behaviour throughout the scene in which he is first seen on his way to the office creates an image of the conventional, upstanding middle-class american. His inner actions with his neighbours and people he regualry meets on the way to work exude goodwill and liberally salted with weak jokes depicting his conviviality. The incidents with the dog and that witht the twins show him as a submissive character. production elements contributing to our understansing truman as innocetn and happy include his costume and the lighting. he wears neat and well fitting light clothing. High key lighting is used to suggest a sunny enviroment and illuminates his face so that we feel he has nothing to hide. In the scene where truman sees his farther, jim has to play a distressed character, the music refelcts this the distress of this character.


Bruce almighty

Equaling the cinematic magic was the on-screen chemistry that was evolving between Jim Carrey and the rest of the cast. The combination of Carrey’s comedic genius and Morgan Freeman’s vast experience and gravity created an offscreen relationship which echoed the film itself. “Morgan has this lifetime of human experience, with a smile over it all, and that’s what he brought to the set,” notes Shadyac. “Jim would sometimes ask Morgan about getting to a certain moment in the scene, and Morgan would tell him about his process and experience. And interestingly, Morgan would come to Jim for the comedic insight. It was really amazing to watch these two experts at their crafts come together and bounce off each other.”



Instead of his then-standard $20 million paycheck, Carrey accepted $12 million for his dramatic acting services.


During that time, Weir and Niccol worked on 14 drafts of the script. Weir also wrote a 10-page backstory that went into the history of the television show The Truman Show within the movie. According to the backstory , Christof was 29 years old when he convinced the Omnicam Corporation to give him the go-ahead to produce a show called Bringing Up Baby, starring an infant whose first year in the world would be fully documented.

Weir found that he had so much good material asking the actors to come up with answers to his questions as their onscreen personas that he put together a documentary unit to capture everything. Some parts made it to the movie, and the rest were turned into a half-hour documentary about the show that ran on Nick at Nite, presented as an episode of Tru Talk, hosted by Harry Shearer’s Mike Michaelson character.


Carrey finished filming before Harris was brought in. This is amazing in terms of acting considering they are two of the main characters


Peter Weir is almost one of these — his feature film resume boasts everything from mystery to horror to romcom to historical epic, but he falls just short of true all-rounder status because a glimpse at his back catalogue really suggests that while he has dallied with various genres, he’s more comfortable staying within shouting distance of ‘human drama.’ In fact, you get the impression that Weir only crosses genres because he is following his particular thematic preoccupations (fish-out-of-water scenarios, man vs. nature struggles, etc.) where they lead, rather than because of some kind of intellectual compulsion to kick against his limitations through experimentation.Carrey’s Truman is a charming and upright character and the actor thankfully keeps his facial distortions and histrionics almost to a minimum, wisely understanding that the film has no real use for them.Though Carrey and Harris never share the screen, Christof’s attempts to prevent Truman from exiting his giant set of a world anchor the film and keep it from spinning off into more prototypical blockbuster bombastics.



This article is a reveiw of how Christianity is presented through jim carreys acting by   Anna Waterhouse

“Maybe the film works because the concept Carrey is trying to get across is larger than his larger-than-life persona. Or maybe it’s his strong desire to have us truly listen, so certain is he that if we pay attention, we’ll come away with a grain of truth. Or it could be that when someone writes a love note to Yahweh and wants so badly to share it, it’s hard to turn away.”


“Yes, there are flaws. Carrey is such a bouncy, hyperactive soul that it’s impossible to think of him as a malcontent. It is like trying to imagine Tigger as dyspeptic. So the premise—a dissatisfied guy on whom falls the proverbial last straw—loses something in the translation. But if we can buy the notion that all of us, at one time or other, were angry enough at God to scream and yell and throw a hissy fit, the rest falls neatly into place.”



Bruce Almighty(2003) Tom shadyac

Jim carrey plays a news reporter his dream is to be come an anchor which is the top news reporter who reports the main news. There are lots of close up shots of jim to show his facial expressions through out the film, this is part of his slapstick comedy it  is used to make the audience laugh. throughout the film jim seems to have on going sayings such as ” that’s the way the cookie crumbles” and “beautiful” these funny phrases are repeated and then become memorable to the audience.


by David Kronke

SPLICEDwire interviewed Peter Weir on April 201998 at the Ritz Hotel in San Francisco


My three film choses are Liar liar, Bruce Almighty, Truman show. Although  Both Liar Liar and Bruce Almighty are directed by tom shadyac, The truman show is directed by Peter Weir. All three of my films are successful Hollywood blockbuster comedys staring the main character as Jim carrey. So therefore my small scale research project focus is Jim Carreys comedy screen persona such as his extreme facial expressions, impersonations of other holly wood stars, hyperactivity, clowning around routines. My focus film is The truman show as Jim carrey had to  reinvented his onscreen persona for this film to take on a more profound and thought provoking role, however this film at the same time focuses on the element of comedy. I think this

A persona is the part of someone and the way they present themselves to the world,  it is the image you want to present or the role that an actor uses. In jim Carreys case his persona is comedy. However due to my focus film being the true man show it shows a different side the jim carry


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