• Male white teacher, reflects society, how white are in charge.
  • Black people shot in same frame this represents segragation
  • white people don’t listen to black shot reverse shot
  • Lots of fade transitions shows time has gone past
  • compared to the character in color purple the main character sticks up for herself
  • precious in her own frame with white people walking past, showing white people don’t care. however the teacher seems to care
  • a lot of fast farwarding shows nervousness
  • whenever something goes back she thinks about her dreams. cuts
  • shot reverse shot of the mirror, wishing she was white.
  • The bright light represents the opportunities
  • the  different is when she changes school the women teacher does nothing about it and they are shot in the same frame.
  • White people only on tv
  • music is sung by coloured females.
  • Different shots of black inspirations, she dreams to be big not just in size.
  •  the nurse guy is black.

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